Bede Gaming, Part of the Merkur Group, Introduces Advanced AI-Powered Personalisation Tools for iGaming Operators
 Bede Gaming has partnered with AI and data science powerhouse Future Anthem to provide its iGaming operators with an innovative new approach to product tooling.
Bede Gaming, Part of the Merkur Group, Introduces Advanced AI-Powered Personalisation Tools for iGaming Operators
A  supplier of software to the online gambling industry, Bede Gaming provides pioneering operators with innovative solutions to achieve significant digital ambitions, and this new strategic partnership will enable a multitude of new benefits for its customers.

By introducing Future Anthem’s cutting-edge Amplifier AI product into its gaming platform solution, Bede will elevate its product offering with an advanced level of real-time, data-driven personalisation for every step of the player journey – across casino, sports betting, and lottery.

The type of AI and personalisation functionality offered by Future Anthem will be vital to a competitive future in the iGaming industry and is key to Bede’s strategic goal to provide continuously transformational, market-leading iGaming technology.

“Being pioneering is already within our value set at Bede. This new partnership with Future Anthem is a natural step for our strategic ambitions, demonstrating our commitment to providing market-leading products built on cutting-edge technology,” said Colin Cole-Johnson, Bede Gaming Chief Executive Officer. “We are dedicated to a customer-centric product offering, with Amplifier AI being the latest of our continuous efforts to enhance the platform’s features and services. We’re always keen to help our customers grow responsibly – this collaboration helps them move faster across verticals and to get the most from their data, which ultimately will benefit their players.”

The Amplifier AI integration will provide new functionality that will optimise player acquisition, enhance engagement, and boost retention. This will include more personalised content (such as smart games lobby features, with more personalised game content suggestions for players) and marketing recommendations & enhancements for Responsible Gaming tools, as each gaming session is scored for risky play.

The partnership marks a significant milestone for both parties as they continue to bring accessible, market-leading innovations to their customers, reinforcing the importance of a personalised player experience that prioritises responsible gaming.

Future Anthem CEO Leigh Nissim said: “We enjoy working with progressive companies like Bede who are championing innovative technology. In a very short period, we’ve established a shared vision that will make it quick and simple for their customers to benefit from Amplifier AI’s personalisation products. This collaboration offers significant potential to improve and innovate player experiences, something that all operators should strive for as the race to real-time personalisation heats up.”
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