DRAFTKINGS destina $1,575,000 para el juego responsable

DraftKings ha anunciado un compromiso financiero de varios años para ayudar a los consejos estatales de Estados Unidos en su trabajo por el juego responsable.
 As part of the new initiative, titled the State Council Financing Program, DraftKings has offered each state council $15,000 per year for three years, a total overall commitment of $1,575,000 over the span of the three-year program.

In this regard, Christine Thurmond, Director of Responsible Gaming, says: “DraftKings is committed to advancing responsible gaming in collaboration with state councils across the U.S. Our hope is that this funding will give councils that extra support needed to fund priority areas, expand services, or hire additional staff; whatever is most needed, we want to help financially”.

As the company explains in a press release, the State Council Financing Program may be used at the broad discretion of each council to bolster services and programs for individuals and families, and also for council staff, including applying the funds to trainings, conferences, helplines, and general capacity building.

Along these lines, a state council can also use the funds to explore the potential for capacity building within neighboring states without a council presence. The program will begin a three-year trial in January 2022.

Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), and who participated as a speaker at the International Workshops against Illegal Gaming highlights the DraftKings initiative and says: “it shows their commitment to and knowledge of the importance of the work state councils provide”.
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