The Covid-19 crisis: the argument of the Brazilian government to approve the opening land-based casinos


According to Brazilian media reports, the pandemic and health crisis caused by Covid-19 could be the argument used by the Bolsonaro executive, with his Minister of Tourism at the head - Marcelo Álvaro Antônio - to request the necessary support to allow the construction of physical casinos in the country.



Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic is becoming the argument for legalizing casinos in Brazil. A reality that serves the Minister of Tourism to get out of trouble and respond to pressing financing needs to accept the opening of the sector in person after having been forceful in the electoral campaign stating that casinos in the country would not be legalized in the current legislature .


The need to stimulate economic activity after the coronavirus pandemic has become an argument for members of the government and Congress to defend the legalization of gambling in Brazil. Tourism Minister Marcelo Álvaro Antônio is enthusiastic about the idea and supports the construction of casinos in resorts in the country as a way to reactivate tourism, one of the sectors most affected by the health crisis.

According to Álvaro Antônio, the installation of casinos in Brazil, within integrated resorts, which would also offer other types of services, has the potential to attract investments of $ 40 billion.

In this way, the bill for the exploitation of games of chance in Brazil that is ready to vote in the Chamber and which establishes that casinos can only exist in integrated hotel establishments, such as resorts, could count on the support enough to see the light. The idea is that they can operate a maximum of three casinos per state, even in units of the federation that have more than 25 million inhabitants. In states with a population of less than 15 million, only one casino can operate. And where the number of inhabitants is from 15 million to 25 million, two.


Sources: Gazeta do Povo and

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