Kambi Unveils 'Kambi Engage' — A Game-Changing Ecosystem for Partners

In a bold move to revolutionize the sports betting industry, Kambi Group, the world's most trusted sports betting partner, has introduced 'Kambi Engage,' an innovative ecosystem designed to provide its partners with streamlined access to a curated selection of top-tier bettor engagement tools and services.
The newly launched Kambi Engage aims to offer Kambi partners an additional range of market-leading third-party bettor engagement solutions. The ecosystem, carefully assembled by Kambi, is set to complement the already expansive toolbox of engagement features available on the Kambi platform.

The launch partners for Kambi Engage include, OtherLevels, and VAIX, adding a new dimension to the differentiation and customization capabilities for Kambi partners. These partnerships facilitate straightforward integrations with cutting-edge technology companies, enhancing the overall sportsbook experience.

Erik Lögdberg, Managing Director at Kambi, expressed enthusiasm about the launch: "We are pleased to launch Kambi Engage with an initial group of extremely exciting suppliers. Engage was created to address the ever-increasing demand of our partners to further customize, differentiate, and enhance their sportsbook."

Kambi Engage is designed to provide Kambi partners with an easy and scalable way to access market-leading third-party bettor engagement solutions, underlining Kambi's commitment to opening up its sportsbook and offering unparalleled flexibility and speed to market.

Launch Partners:
A leading supplier focused on making every experience unique for end-users.
Market-leading products that put player engagement at the heart of the sports betting experience.
Boosts acquisition and retention on a global scale.

Jason Angelides, President of, commented: "We are extremely honored to be a key part of the inaugural group of partners to the Kambi Engage ecosystem."

A prominent supplier of real-time multi-channel engagement platforms.
Specializes in sports betting, fan engagement, casino, and lottery sectors.
Allows Kambi operators to deliver personalized live sport offers and recommendations.

Brendan O’Kane, CEO of OtherLevels, emphasized: "Allowing Kambi operators to deliver personalized live sport offers and recommendations is a game-changer."

Offers the sports betting and iGaming industry a market-leading AI engine.
Enables operators to utilize deep learning capabilities for customer engagement and enhanced operations.
Works across personalization, acquisition marketing, and retention.

Andreas Hartmann, CEO and Co-founder of VAIX, expressed excitement about joining the Kambi Engage ecosystem: "We look forward to bringing the benefits of using the Vaix Sports Personalization AI to more partners through Kambi Engage."
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