Win Systems and Banco de Sangre de Cataluña organized a successful Blood Donation Campaign

Win Systems, a leading provider of technology for the gaming and entertainment industry, conducted a special blood donation campaign in collaboration with Banco de Sangre de Cataluña.
This charitable initiative aimed to promote blood donation and raise awareness about the importance of this altruistic act that saves lives.

The campaign took place on Monday, June 3rd. A mobile unit from Banco de Sangre approached the Win Systems Barcelona offices. All employees and collaborators were called upon to participate in this great gesture that connects lives.

The donation day featured all necessary safety measures and health protocols to ensure the safety of all donors and involved personnel. Participants received detailed information about the donation process and the benefits of this generous act.

Sebastian Soldo, Chief Human Resources Officer, commented on the collaboration: "We are delighted to have collaborated with the Banco de Sangre on this noble cause. At Win Systems, we firmly believe in corporate social responsibility and the importance of supporting our community. Donating blood is a simple yet powerful act that can make the difference between life and death for many people. We hope that this campaign inspires our employees and the community at large to come together and contribute."

Cristina Valverde, Head of Promotion at the Donation Promotion Area of Banco de Sangre y Tejidos, added: "The need for blood donations is constant, and each donation can save up to three lives. We deeply appreciate Win Systems for their support and for facilitating this campaign. We had great participation, and we were confident that together we could make a significant difference."

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