Scout Gaming launches new jackpot tipping game

Scout Gaming has launched an additional product to their award-winning portfolio. The Pick’em Jackpot game combines traditional sports knowledge with a jackpot.
In the Pick’em Jackpot game, players are required to pick the outcome in a given set of matches (home or away team victory, draw) along with predicting the jackpot trigger match score - players will receive a prize if the outcome was predicted correctly. For example, if there are 13 matches which is a default number, players will have to guess correctly in 13, 12, 11, or 10 matches to get a prize. If a player has all correct outcomes including the correct predicted match result for the jackpot game, the player has qualified for the jackpot.

“I’m extremely pleased to present our latest game, which will be available for our B2B partners shortly. Scout Gaming has the ambition to revolutionize the market for sports related betting and our objective is to increase our product suite constantly going forward. We have so far experienced heavy growth with our fantasy offering and this should be seen as a widening of our portfolio to also include additional relevant markets and product types, comments Andreas Sundal, CPO and Co-founder of Scout Gaming.