It's that easy to access illegal gambling (Video)

 Entain has prepared a video demonstrating how illegal gaming can be easily accessed from the UK, the US and even the UAE, a country with heavy restrictions and controls.
Entain has published a video entitled "Gambling on the Black Market" in which we can witness how users can gamble without age verification, or any other type of control and also be victims of aggressive marketing techniques, which invite them to bet more and more often.

In this regard, the group highlights that in recent years the gaming market has been under great scrutiny, which has resulted in an increase in the levels of regulations, many of which they support. However, they warn that as regulations increase, there is a danger of not applying them in a balanced way, which may result in encouraging users to participate in illegal gambling, devoid of protection systems.

Next, the video:

Gambling on the Black Market from Entain on Vimeo.