Entain Pioneers Virtual Reality Multi-Sports Entertainment

Entain is pioneering immersive gaming and betting experiences for sports fans, with a first-of-its-kind, virtual reality multi-sports entertainment experience to pilot later this year.
The move builds on an alliance between Entain and Verizon Media, the global technology and media company. Entain is again leading the industry in bringing innovative new products to its customers, with a first virtual reality “sports club” entertainment experience intended to be rolled out in due course across its international brands.

The new product will be available free on the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset, enabling customers to explore multiple VR sports games. This immersive experience will enable customers to play games individually and with friends.

“We continually offer our customers a wide range of innovative and exciting experiences, and VR is an exciting opportunity for us to innovate in new ways.” said Sandeep Tiku, Chief Operating Officer of Entain. “The aim is to mix sports, entertainment and different types of immersive play in one product, giving customers a great mix of new, exciting stuff to enjoy.”

Many of the exciting new features will be revealed on launch*, but will include: live streaming of football matches; experiences allowing fans to build fantasy line-ups in in virtual reality; play different sports games virtually with friends; and take thrilling rides through immersive VR content.

Customers will also be offered immersive experiences with music and bands, reflecting Entain’s broader ambitions to lead a new generation of interactive sports and entertainment.

“We know consumers are looking for more multi-dimensional experiences, in which the ability to place a bet is only one of the ways they want to enjoy themselves. So we want to wow them and give them better experiences than they’ve ever had before – and at the same time also use our cutting edge to technology to keep our players safe,” Mr. Tiku added.

With responsibility at the core of its strategy Entain is also developing ARC (Advanced Responsibility and Care) which moves player protection from being reactive to a more personalized proactive approach providing new levels of protection and safeguards to every customer based on their personal risk profile.
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