Macao Srl Joins OKTO's Groundbreaking Cash-to-Digital Payments Revolution

OKTO announces an exciting partnership with Macao Srl, a key player in the Italian i-gaming sector. Macao Srl is set to adopt OKTO's revolutionary Cash-to-Digital payment solution, OKTO.PVR. This innovative collaboration aims to transform digital transactions in Italy while maintaining strict compliance with regulatory standards.

Dante Micucci, OKTO's Country Manager for Italy, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Our collaboration with Macao Srl underscores a shared commitment to payment compliance. OKTO.PVR, a cutting-edge solution, streamlines adherence to new Italian regulations for iGaming operators, providing essential tools to thrive in this evolving regulatory environment. Our goal is to empower gaming operators with the necessary resources for success in the ever-changing regulatory landscape. OKTO.PVR embodies our dedication to innovation and delivering solutions that drive success for our partners."

Andra Ribotta, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Macao Srl, added, "The integration of OKTO PVR into our offering was seamless and efficient. OKTO’s phygital payment solution seamlessly integrates with Exalogic, enabling Macao Srl players to easily top up their i-gaming accounts with cash at retail locations equipped with recharge points. OKTO.PVR bridges the gap between the digital and physical realms, blending the excitement of online gaming with the tangible world of cash transactions. This ensures convenient access to funds and uninterrupted gaming experiences for our players."

OKTO.PVR, a noteworthy addition to the OKTO.WALLET lineup, is specifically tailored for the Italian Top-up Sales Points (PVR) market. OKTO's deep understanding of market dynamics has resulted in a customized wallet solution that enhances convenience, security, and ensures full compliance with existing and upcoming Italian regulatory standards.
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