Tony Rodio, CEO Caesars Entertainment: “The hearts of the Caesars family go out to all Americans who are the victims of racism and intolerance”


 El 25 de mayo, un vídeo que registró el abuso policial y muerte del afroamericano George Floyd, ha desencadenado un conflicto racial con protestas a lo largo y ancho de Estados Unidos, lo que ha provocado el pronunciamiento tanto de diversas personalidades como de corporaciones, opiniones y visiones que de una u otro forma buscan promover un mensaje de equidad.


The American gaming giant, Caesars Entertainment, has been no exception and its CEO Tony Rodio has sent a message to all corners of the world.
Below, we share his emotional words:

The horrific death of George Floyd, witnessed by the entire world, highlights yet again the racial injustice that still pervades our society. While I can't begin to understand the day-to-day fear, anger, and frustration that is part of growing up black in America, I certainly understand and recognize the inequity of treatment that occurs on a far too routine basis. The hearts of the Caesars family go out to all Americans who are the victims of racism and intolerance.

It is far past the time when we need to finally come together as a nation, to come to grips with this vile condition once and for all. I hope and pray that our institutions, and individuals of all races, and faiths, can use this tragic moment in our history as a catalyst for positive change. However, it's not going to happen because we collectively hope it happens... it is going to take a firm commitment by each and every one of us to live and breathe inclusion and diversity in our daily lives.

It also saddens me to see how the mostly peaceful demonstrations in our cities around the country have, at various times, fallen into violence and destruction. My heart goes out to the first responders and their families who are now struggling to strike a balance between compassion for sincere protestors and protecting their cities' innocent citizens and their property.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend." Let us all strive to keep love in our hearts.


Tony Rodio
Caesars Entertainment CEO

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