AGA estimates 23.2 million Americans will bet on Super Bowl LV

 The American Gaming Association (AGA) estimates that 23.2 million Americans will bet a total of $ 4.3 billion on Super Bowl LV, which will take on the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In this regard, the association highlights that 7.6 million users will use online sportsbooks, 63% more than in 2020.
Bill Miller, president and CEO of AGA, noted that "This year's Super Bowl is expected to generate the largest single-event legal handle in American sports betting history."

According to an AGA press release, since the last edition of this great sporting event, 36 million more American adults have gained the opportunity to safely bet in legal markets in their home state with seven new jurisdictions now live: Colorado, Illinois, Michigan , Montana, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

On the other hand, an expected overall drop in overall Super Bowl betting is almost entirely due to restrictions brought on by the pandemic, with the largest declines expected for retail sportsboooks and casual bets, such as groups or squares, being perform in social settings.

It should be noted that according to a survey conducted by Morning Consult, there have been drastic changes in betting patterns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and they mention the following:
  • 11.4 million Americans plan to bet in-person at a sportsbook, down 61 percent from 2020.
  • 1.8 million bettors plan to place a bet with a bookie, down 21 percent.
  • 4.5 million Americans plan to place a pool, squares, or similar bet, down 19 percent.
  • 11.9 million Americans plan to bet casually with friends, down 18 percent.
  • 56 percent of bettors plan to bet on the Chiefs while 44 percent plan to bet on the Buccaneers.

Consumers feel it is important to bet legally: 65 percent of expected Super Bowl bettors say it is important for themselves personally to use a legal, regulated sportsbook for their bets.

AGA emphasizes that as awareness and availability of legal gambling options increases, so do the benefits for consumers: 34% of Americans recall seeing responsible gambling messages in the past year, five points higher than in 2020. Super Bowl bettors were even more likely to view responsible content, with 53 percent viewing responsible gaming posts in the past year.

Considering the data above, Miller says that "is an encouraging sign that our efforts to ground the expansion of sports betting in responsible gaming is taking hold."
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