Reuters publishes an analysis on the ban on advertising the game in Spanish football

 A few months after the approval of the Royal Decree that applies strong restrictions to gaming advertising in Spain, the consequences and possible harmful effects continue to make headlines.

In this regard, an analysis published by the Reuters Agency focuses on the measures related to the prohibition of the sponsorship of gaming to Spanish football clubs and shares the opinions of Javier Tebas (president of La Liga), representatives of the Johan Cruyff Institute and Andrea Vota (JDigital president).
The analysis highlights that the imminent ban on sponsorship of the game will put new financial pressure on Spanish football clubs and could cause a drop in sponsorship rates across the board, especially considering that 30 out of the 42 clubs in Spain's top two divisions have commercial partnerships with betting companies

La Liga president Javier Tebas says that the law will cause Spanish football "90 million euros ($ 109.30 million) of harm" which in turn will curtail "the ability of clubs to generate income and therefore reduce our competitiveness with the rest of Europe. "

For his part, professor of sports marketing Richard Denton of the Johan Cruyff Institute mentions that there is a probability that the law will reduce the value of other endorsement deals.

While, Andrea Vota, president of JDigital, says that less than 0.5% of the Spanish population has disorders linked to problematic gaming and warned that the ban on advertising could send a regulated industry underground.

Finally, Vota highlighted that the gaming sector in Spain contributed 185.4 million euros in taxes in 2019 and employed more than 84,000 people.

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