OKTO and Bob Rudd sign an agreement to implement OKTO.WALLET

 Greek provider OKTO has signed a cashless payments partnership for the implementation of its OKTO.WALLET solution with respected independent operator Bob Rudd. Without a doubt, it is an important strategic alliance that will further increase the brand's position in the UK market.
 Simon Dorsen, Chief Commercial Officer at OKTO, believes this latest partnership is a testament to the appeal of what is widely recognized as the leading safe and seamless cashless solution.

In this sense, he adds that the “agreement is a fantastic way to prepare for the trade show season starting with ACOS later this month. The team at Bob Rudd had to be convinced that our solution would meet the highest requirements of their PubCo customers and most importantly those of machine players”.

Along the same lines, it highlights the virtues of OKTO.WALLET, a cashless application that not only works on gaming machines, but also extends to the entire payment ecosystem and allows "quickly deposit and withdraw funds on gaming machines in a safe, transparent, seamless, and trouble-free way courtesy of the OKTO mobile app ".

On the other hand, Simon Broadbent, Director of Games and Operations at Bob Rudd, stated: “Working with OKTO will complement our existing contactless & cashless solutions. Being independent, we want to ensure that our customers and consumers have access to all products in the marketplace”.

He also explained that this agreement allows them to improve the customer experience, "not only from a business perspective but also in terms of social responsibility and safer gambling, both of which are crucial to helping move the industry forward as a whole."

Bob Rudd hopes to implement OKTO.WALLET on his Type C machines throughout October.
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