FBMDS and Playtech sign a strategic alliance to impact the global iGaming market

FBMDS and Playtech have signed a global agreement for the distribution of FBMDS game content around the world. We must emphasize that this alliance has a main focus on the Mexican and Spanish markets.
 FBMDS has explained in a press release that the objective of the alliance is to leverage the strong position that FBM holds in the landbased market of Mexico and Spain, but these are only the first steps of a long-term partnership that will impact different regions of the globe.

Referring to this agreement, Roberto Regianini, CEO of FBM Digital Systems, highlights the importance of an agreement with a company of the magnitude of Playtech and describes it as a great achievement: “We are sure that the synergies that we have between the landbased and online operations in markets like Mexico and Spain will add value to Playtech, and we are very positive about the mutual growth that this partnership can provide”.

On the other hand, Andrew Muir, Director of Business Development at Playtech, was satisfied with the inclusion of FBMDS content in its catalog and ensures that the company's objective is to “deliver our customers the best possible online gaming experience across all regulated markets”.

FBMDS confirms that its content portfolio includes more than 50 games. In addition to the world-famous bingo products spread by FBM in the land-based market, FBMDS presents a selection of exciting slots and table games with custom titles that aim to satisfy the specific wishes of the users.
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