DraftKings will fund multi-year research on the Veterans Nexus and Responsible Gaming conducted by the Kindbridge Research Institute

 DraftKings has announced a multi-year financial commitment to the Kindbridge Research Institute (KRI) for a new research program to study the nexus between veterans and responsible gaming, reaffirming the company's commitment to those who have served in the military.
DraftKings has highlighted in a press release that thanks to this contribution, KRI will be able to launch the 50x4Vets program, which relies on a three-pronged approach and will include funding research at veterans-focused gaming treatment centers across the country.

Christine Thurmond, Director of Responsible Gaming at DraftKings, explained that this new action is part of the company's global corporate social responsibility program called DraftKings S.E.R.V.E.S. that supports veterans and their spouses in various areas.

On the other hand, Nathan D.L. Smith, Founding Executive Director of KRI, is grateful to the company and indicates “to launch the 50x4Vets program, which seeks to improve treatment for veterans, stands to advance the field in multiple ways, including closing the gap in comprehensive research and literature in this area”.

According to DraftKings, the 50x4Vets program has a three-pronged approach:

Leverage Existing Treatment Infrastructure: In the U.S., there are only a few veterans-focused clinics that specialize in gambling disorder. KRI has planned partnerships with researchers and clinicians to create multiple research centers that leverage this existing infrastructure. The research centers will each receive funding for three years to boost research capabilities while ensuring the highest quality staff and care.

Provide multi-year commitments: Each center will be guaranteed funding for a minimum of three years to ensure qualified staff can be recruited, trained, and retained.

Support for multiple research centers: the landscape of treatment for gambling disorder in veterans is diverse. By funding multiple research centers, the researchers can create and test treatment modalities in different settings and share knowledge about what works between the centers.
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