Mario Benito, Chief Commercial Officer R.FRANCO digital: "The regulation of online gambling is an important issue for the economy because it can cause the market to slow down quite abruptly"

 With Spain's Senate having passed further restrictive measures, the future for online gambling in the country is uncertain. Mario Benito, Chief Commercial Officer R. Franco Digital, has commented about it. 
 One of the most worrying aspects is how the new regulations on advertising in Spain will affect the growth of the online gambling market in the country. Mario Benito, Chief Commercial Officer, R. Franco Digital, insisted in an interview for its team that the regulation of online gambling is an important issue for the economy. "Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry that has been growing rapidly in recent years. As the number of people gambling online increases, more and more governments are regulating the industry", says.

"The regulation of online gambling is an important issue for the economy, because it can have a profound effect on how many people gamble online, as well as where they gamble online and can cause the market to slow down quite abruptly", continues. 

As regards the new restrictions on slots, requiring customers to set session times and spend amounts, Mario Benito ensures that "this will most certainly negatively affect the amount wagered by each user and the limitations will cause most players to reduce their hours of use". Mario Benito says that these restrictions can afford to regulate the problem of uncontrolled gambling: "However, it will also create players who are more aware of what they can afford to spend and therefore help to regulate the problem of uncontrolled gambling", explains. 

Also he was asked if there is a danger that the new restrictions will see players turning more to unlicensed operators. "Consumers using unlicensed are unsuspecting or casual gamblers. We have seen that gamblers may specifically search for unlicensed operators or use VPNs, international contact details or alternative payment methods and are therefore able to access more sites than those that are regulated. 

Consumers are exposed to unlicensed operators via other marketing channels, including major affiliate sites, major sports team and venue sponsors and mobile app stores. However, we believe that regular players will continue to gamble and play at casinos they trust, despite the increased regulations".

The Chief Commercial Officer R. Franco Digital is convinced that the Spanish market will continue to grow slowly but steadily. "This will allow R. Franco Digital to have a good base of casinos with loyal customers who will help the industry to grow and continue to improve over the coming years". 

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