EGBA Welcomes European Parliament’s Approval of New European Digital Identity

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) celebrates the recent endorsement by the European Parliament of a Regulation introducing a new European Digital Identity (e-ID). This decision marks a significant milestone towards creating a more secure and inclusive digital environment for all citizens across the European Union (EU). The new e-ID promises to be a transformative tool addressing several concerns in the digital realm.
The regulation, approved by the Parliament on February 29, mandates member states to provide their citizens with a standardized EU electronic identification method. This method will enable citizens to identify and authenticate their identity online without relying on commercial providers – a practice that has previously raised trust, security, and privacy concerns. By utilizing such a standardized, non-commercial identification method, consumers can expect greater privacy protection, among other benefits. Additionally, the e-ID enhances security by offering consumers and businesses a trusted and standardized tool for online identification, minimizing the risk of identity theft and fraud.

This streamlined approach not only boosts user confidence in digital transactions but also reduces costs and administration for businesses, including gambling operators. The success of the e-ID hinges on a high participation rate among citizens. Its use will be entirely voluntary for citizens and businesses, including gambling operators, granting flexibility in integrating the e-ID tool into their know-your-customer processes.

EGBA has been a staunch supporter of the e-ID since its proposal by the European Commission in 2021. Recognizing its potential to revolutionize online services in the EU, EGBA has urged EU institutions to ensure businesses, including gambling operators, can access and benefit from its use. For the online gambling sector, the e-ID holds particular significance, providing players with an easy, secure, trustworthy, and singular option to confirm their identity in the EU.

The e-ID law, amending the EU’s eIDAS Regulation, awaits formal endorsement by the EU Council of Ministers before its official adoption, expected before summer 2024. As a Regulation, it will automatically apply across all EU member states from the moment of its adoption.

“We welcome the European Parliament’s approval of a unified digital identity framework and are confident that the use of the new e-ID in our sector will lead to a more seamless and trustworthy online experience for players and help to reduce costs and administration for gambling operators. This innovative tool represents an important step towards building a more secure and user-friendly digital ecosystem, aligning with EGBA’s core objectives of promoting integrity, transparency, and a safe, consumer-centric playing environment.” – Maarten Haijer, Secretary General, EGBA.
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