MGA Games celebrates its 20th anniversary with the motto Playing Together

 MGA Games, a company specialized in the development of large localized productions of online slots and video games, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and wants to celebrate it together with its network of operators and collaborators.
In this regard, MGA Games has reported that it has organized a whole program of actions and surprises for its customers with the motto Playing Together and that it will be unveiling throughout the year.

Likewise, the company highlights that it is a program based on the company's three pillars for achieving success: constant innovation, excellence in service and profitability.

MGA Games also announced that it will have a great party at the end of December, health situation permitting. For the occasion, MGA Games has also created an attractive website aimed at operators, in which all the news of the 20th anniversary will be available.

MGA Games wants to remember its long trajectory in the online gaming sector and reaffirm its passion for offering the highest quality online productions to the market. “We were born 20 years ago to bring innovation to the gaming sector. This is our nature and what has made us what we are: the specialists in online games best valued by the operators”, explains Joan Sanahuja, founder and CEO of MGA Games.

Despite the long journey and since MGA Games was born as a startup in the 22 @ technology district of Barcelona, for Joan Sanahuja, these 20 years “have just been the beginning, because we are sure that the future will be full of new challenges and products that, as always, will entertain and excite the players. "

Without a doubt, 2021 is expected to be a spectacular year for the company. A year to continue learning, improving and making new discoveries with its customers. In short, Playing Together.