SUZOHAPP shines with its sports betting products at G2E

Following the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) from October 5-7 in Las Vegas, SUZOHAPP celebrates the great reception from attendees to the launch of its ecosystem for sports betting platform developers looking to enter the retail market.
SUZOHAPP has explained that it works with Elo Touch systems to develop an over-the-counter sports betting terminal (SBT-OTC) that allows players to purchase a sports betting voucher from a cashier in a sleek, dual sided monitor that enhances customer trust by allowing the customer to oversee the entire transaction.

Similarly, players can then take these vouchers to either the newly designed bar top sports betting terminal (SBT-500) or the full-size floor model (SBT-1000) to place their bets. These units are platform agnostic and can be fully customized to suit developer specifications and end user needs.

The company also highlighted the launch of its partnership with CountR as a distributor of their cash redemption terminals (CRT’s) which completes the ecosystem and provides a fast and easy way for customers to get their payout in a self-service method. Depending on the system, these CRT’s can also be used to create betting vouchers, transform into TITO tickets, or can simply be used as an ATM to make the customer experience completely touchless.

On this exciting news, Todd Sims, Vice President of Sales for the Americas, said: “This show was a great success for us at SUZOHAPP in that it allowed us to show how the ecosystem connects across the board and talk through all the potential opportunities that we can offer our customers from a flexible design standpoint. By offering a product for every step of the experience, we were able to stand out from the crowd and start some great conversations"
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