IGT will consume 100% of the electricity from renewable sources


    Fabio Cairoli, CEO IGT Global Lottery

 On World Earth Day, IGT announces that by the end of 2022 it will only consume electricity from renewable sources and certified by Guarantees of Origin (GO) in its Italian offices dedicated to the lottery business.
IGT explains that the choice to purchase renewable electricity underscores the company's responsibility to the environment, with reference to combating climate change, and its constant focus on achieving sustainable growth.

We must emphasize that the company adheres to the principles promoted by the 2030 Agenda and is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the economic, social and environmental fields. For this reason, in addition to opting for energy produced from renewable sources, it seeks the best solutions to combat climate change through efficient and intelligent use of energy resources.

In this regard, Fabio Cairoli, CEO of IGT Global Lottery, explains: “No company can be considered excluded from the fight against climate change. IGT has identified the fight against climate change as one of the key pillars of its growth vision, constantly dedicating itself to the protection and safeguarding of the environment in a process of continuous improvement of its environmental and energy performance."

Thanks to the purchase of electricity from renewable sources, IGT in Italy cancels CO2 emissions related to electricity supply by the end of 2022; in the course of 2021 these emissions amounted to approximately 4,500 tons of CO2. The total reduction of emissions occurs in synergy with a process that aims to reduce energy consumption in terms of MWh for Italian plants and offices.
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