Paf celebrates 100 years of Åland with the launch of a scratch game in collaboration with the local government

 Paf joins the celebration of Åland's 100 years of autonomy with the launch of Ålandslåtten, a scratch card that was made in collaboration with the local government.
 As reported by Paf, the Åland-inspired card seeks to contribute to the welfare of the islands. Together with Paf, the local government has decided to which good cause the profit should be donated. Of the €10 scratch card price, €1 will go to an educational program designed to prevent mental illness among young people.

The chosen program is called Välbefinnande som ledord and is made for both nursery and primary school staff. The program will help build, develop and strengthen mental wellness within the learning environment for both children and staff.

“It's a project which will help prevent mental illness. We want to support the children in daycare and students in elementary school with training in positive psychology,” says Elisabeth Storfors, Head of Education and Culture.

In a press release they confirm that the card will be sold at all agents in Pa, at Åland, until the end of summer. The amount of the highest jackpot is 15,000 euros. This is the biggest sum Paf has offered on a physical scratchcard.

We must point out that this scratch card is a limited edition with a quantity of 25,000 units and has been on sale since the middle of last year.
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