E-GAMING SPAIN Presents Innovative Models at the 11th Andalusian Gaming Expo Congress

The 11th Andalusian Gaming Expo Congress is set to kick off on September 20, 2023, in Torremolinos, as the Spanish Recreational and Gaming industry comes together to showcase its latest innovations.
E-GAMING SPAIN is a prominent participant in this annual event, where it will unveil its exciting new projects. Among the highlights are the groundbreaking MULTISLOT E-FLAT model for gaming halls, casinos, and bingo and the innovative E-LINK 500 model for the hospitality sector.

The MULTISLOT E-FLAT boasts a revolutionary design that immerses players in a sphere, providing them with unique gaming experiences. It also features exclusive new games that have never been seen before, sure to captivate users.

At the Andalusian Gaming Expo Congress, E-GAMING SPAIN will showcase the MULTISLOT E-LINK 500 for the hospitality industry. Its design pays homage to classic models while incorporating the functionality of cutting-edge machines that have brought success to operators who have trusted them from the outset.

E-GAMING SPAIN can be found at Booth 3B on September 20 and 21. We invite everyone to visit us and discover our latest innovations. We look forward to seeing you there!
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