888 Sustains Strong Growth in Ceuta

In just over three years, 888's investment in Ceuta has transformed into a significant and thriving reality. From the initial 14 highly qualified yet inexperienced young members, the team has expanded to over 60 individuals, solidifying its position as one of the most esteemed structures within the company. The game-changing merger with William Hill has led to the incorporation of a larger number of professionals to meet the new positions required to cater to the Spanish market's demands.
In early 2020, 888 made a determined decision to establish Ceuta as the hub of its operations in Spain. Despite the global pandemic, the enthusiastic team's drive remained unwavering. Currently, 888 stands as the online gaming operator with the highest number of employees in the city. The company boasts a motivating internal promotion policy that encourages training, stability, and professional growth. This has resulted in their managers achieving high recognition within the organization in areas such as human resources, KYC (know your customer), responsible gaming, and TL, facilitating a seamless merger.

The city's multiculturalism and open-mindedness are highly valued qualities in accommodating these multinational teams comprised of top-tier young professionals. Rebeca Chacon, the organization's executive director in Ceuta, has always acknowledged the effort made by the Ceuta administration to make the settlement of technological companies attractive, facilitating their establishment and applying the inherent benefits of fiscal residence. In turn, 888 has responded with concrete actions.

888's commitment to the city does not end here. The operator is determined to continue growing, and plans are already in motion to establish a new office, expected to be operational in the early months of 2024. This move is aimed at addressing the logistical needs of a expanding company that fosters creativity and innovation in a legal, secure, and responsible environment.
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