Gauselmann Gruppe Strengthens its Commitment to Sustainability with the Establishment of the Sustainability Zentralbereich

As a family-run and socially oriented company, the Gauselmann Gruppe recognizes a special responsibility to society and has been committed to sustainability for many years. In order to consolidate this commitment more effectively and implement comprehensive sustainability measures, the Gauselmann family and the executive board of the Gauselmann Gruppe decided last year to permanently establish a Sustainability Zentralbereich.
This acts as a support unit and is subordinate to the finance and marketing, communication, and politics areas of the executive board. The importance of the topic for the entrepreneurial family is reflected in the fact that Janika Gauselmann, granddaughter of the company's founder, has taken on the project sponsorship, maintaining an active exchange with the Sustainability Zentralbereich and accompanying the different phases of the process.

The focus of sustainable corporate development lies in ecological compatibility, social justice, and economic performance. The Gauselmann Gruppe has already initiated and implemented important projects and measures in these areas. For example, the company uses both wind turbines and its own combined heat and power plants and solar energy for electricity generation. It also supports a variety of social initiatives and associations and promotes the health of its employees through a comprehensive health management program. Flexible working hours and remote work allow for better work-life balance.

"To ensure both the business success of the Gauselmann Gruppe and a livable future for future generations, it is important to act responsibly and future-oriented. This approach has been embedded in our corporate philosophy for a long time," emphasizes Paul Gauselmann, founder and CEO of the Gauselmann Gruppe. The entrepreneur sees himself not only responsible to the environment but also to his approximately 15,000 employees worldwide: "The well-being of my workforce has always been a priority for me. Therefore, the legislator's regulations must not become a competitive disadvantage for European companies."

For the Gauselmann Gruppe, it is about maintaining the balance between social justice, ecological sustainability, and economic efficiency. "Many sustainability issues have already been taken into account in the company's everyday life for many years. However, since social, ecological, and economic requirements are constantly growing, the newly created Sustainability Zentralbereich will contribute to meeting these needs even more effectively," notes Paul Gauselmann. The tasks of the area are diverse: it is responsible for the collection and analysis of data for sustainability measurement, prepares internal and external sustainability reports, and promotes a sustainability culture within the corporate group.
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