Creating “Sticky” Player Experiences: How Scientific Games Experts Are Redefining Lottery Engagement

Lotteries worldwide are increasingly focusing on building "sticky" experiences to attract and retain players, both in digital and retail realms. At the recent EL/WLA Marketing Seminar in London, Scientific Games' digital lottery marketing experts, Liz Button and Thomas Spöring, shared invaluable insights on crafting player experiences that leave a lasting impression.

According to Liz Button, Digital Product Manager at Scientific Games, a truly sticky player experience revolves around two core elements: convenience and enjoyment. "Viewing the player as the center of the universe helps us create that ideal experience that keeps them satisfied," says Button.

Convenience: In today's digital landscape, players expect seamless and hassle-free experiences. "In a sticky player experience, everything the player cares about – from games to coupons to promotions – is immediately accessible," Button emphasizes. Scientific Games leverages cutting-edge systems and an omnichannel ecosystem to enhance player convenience. Features like mobile cashing, retailer locators, and one-click purchasing make gameplay effortless across platforms.

Enjoyment: Thomas Spöring, International Digital and Sports Business Development Director at Scientific Games, highlights the importance of creating enjoyable gameplay experiences. "The key is to make the play experience entertaining so that the player finds value in their spend, whether they win or lose," says Spöring. Scientific Games recommends incorporating enjoyment-enhancing features such as progressive jackpots, loyalty and rewards programs, and gamification elements.

By striking the right balance between convenience and enjoyment, lotteries can elevate the overall player experience and foster long-term engagement. As Scientific Games continues to innovate and refine its approach to player engagement, the future of lottery gameplay looks brighter and more captivating than ever before.
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