Paul Gauselmann Initiates Stroke Information Tour

Paul Gauselmann, in cooperation with the Sparkasse Minden-Lübbecke and the Stadtsparkasse Rahden, once again initiates a Stroke Information Tour through the former district.
The initiative aims to raise awareness that approximately 270,000 people in Germany suffer a stroke each year, according to the "Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfallhilfe" (German Stroke Aid Foundation). More than half, up to 150,000, could be prevented through preventive combat against risk factors. As reported by the Merkur Group, the Stroke Information Tour is part of Paul Gauselmann's decades-long commitment to medical care in the district. The free tests from April 8 to 18, 2024, are organized for the 21st time and, according to the statement, are available to everyone by appointment.

Dr. Georg Backhausen, who conducts the tests again this year, explains: "The Stroke Information Tour is an institution in the former district, and the appointments are always very well received." The action contributes to saving lives. In addition to all preventive measures, it is essential that family members act quickly and appropriately in case of need. The longer the circulation disorder in the brain lasts, the more nerve cells will be damaged. Only with immediate corrective measures in the hospital is there a good chance of keeping the subsequent damage as low as possible. Appointments will take place at the branches of the savings banks in Lübbecke, Rahden, Hüllhorst, Espelkamp, Stemwede, and Pr. Oldendorf.
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