888 participates in the Revealing Reality project to create a roadmap for responsible gaming

 The company 888 announces that the results of the Revealing Reality project have been published, which aims to create a clear industry roadmap to prevent problem gambling.

888 has explained that the Revealing Reality project was funded by GambleAware, an independent charity charged with funding research, education and treatment services to help reduce gambling-related harm in Britain. The project was developed on the basis of a report prepared by the Responsible Gaming Strategy Board and with input from the Gaming Commission.
In this regard, 888 highlights that it was one of the five operators in the industry that participated in the full program, which also included Gamesys, Genting Casino, Buzz Bingo and Betfred.

Revealing Reality was conducted over a nine-month period between 2019 and 2020 with these goals:
• Prove the industry is able to create clear and high-quality safer gambling messages (i.e. based on a sound premise and behavior change theory)
• Improve industry knowledge around safer gambling message development, both in theory and practice
• Identify and share best practice in operator-led message development and testing
• Identify and share a range of evaluation opportunities that would enable operators to evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions
• Produces recommendations for larger scale messaging development

The Revealing Reality project represents a second phase in a work program designed to change the way the industry approaches safer gambling. It is based on a report published in 2017, entitled Responsible Gaming: Collaborative Innovation,

Identifying good practices and inspiring change, and focused on developing effective communications about safer gambling.

On this new initiative in support of responsible gambling, Yaniv Schwartz, senior vice president of client risk management at 888, highlighted that by being truly collaborative and transparent, it has helped them confirm that “a normalization of responsible gambling tools and information is way to go in order to interact with as many customers as possible - long before they potentially get into any space of harm”.

Likewise, 888 underlines that its control center offers “safer gambling support by enabling customers to monitor their gambling activity through intuitively presented data - is a key way that 888 is implementing consistent and motivating safer gambling experiences throughout the customer journey. We are committed to using our technology to drive continuous improvement in this area”.
  • The Revealing Reality project has the following key points:
  • Why we need a new approach to safer play
  • This report sets out a roadmap for how the industry can prevent gambling damage.
  • Why we need a new approach to safer play
  • How to develop an integrated approach to safer gaming
  • Five Design Principles for Safer Integrated Play
  • Tone, language and branding: you have a strong brand, use it
  • Touchpoints - Take advantage of every opportunity to engage your customers
  • Change behavior: motivate and allow customers to stay in control
  • Set Goals - Identify How You Will Measure Change In Safer Gambling
  • Don't Undermine Their Efforts - Be Watchful for Mixed Messages
  • What can be achieved by taking an integrated approach?
  • Operator case studies
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