PRAGMATIC PLAY donates € 12,000 to various NGOs in Malta

 Pragmatic Play reaffirms its commitment to the local communities where it operates and donates € 12,000 to environmental NGOs in Malta
Pragmatic Play made two donations of € 6000, on World Clean Up Day towards the end of September, first collaborating with ?ibel, a Maltese NGO, that organises environmental cleanups and raises awareness of the modern-day problem of waste management.

Along these lines, the company reports that its employees helped ?ibel divers to remove more than nine tons of garbage from the sea.

We must emphasize that the divers removed the waste from the sea floor while the volunteers on land divided up the rubbish to enable its correct disposal. Not afraid of getting their hands dirty, the Pragmatic Play team got stuck in and sifted through metal, glass bottles, car batteries, ropes, tires and… pretty much everything else you can imagine.

A few days later, Pragmatic Play donated € 6,000 to Friends of the Earth Malta and visited the team to see what a great job they do. The donation goes to the BeeAware campaign that promotes awareness about bees, pollination and the negative effects of pesticides and toxic chemicals that plants and flowers absorb.

According to the company, the BeeAware campaign will also involve the creation of a Bee Garden wherein the volunteers are planting flowers, trees and shrubs for bees to have a safe environment and a variety of food sources.

Unfortunately, due to man-made reasons involving pesticides used in mass production farming, bee populations have been dwindling rapidly, with fewer bees there is less pollination of plants and crops which can have a huge effect on the ecosystem, ultimately potentially resulting in food shortages and certainly a lack of biodiversity on the planet.

Pragmatic Play hopes that their donations can help these groups raise more understanding and awareness of the very serious environmental issues that are happening around us.

Pragmatic Play currently produces up to five new slots a month, as well as delivering Live Casino and Bingoproducts through its multi-vertical offering. The company's entire portfolio is available through a single API integration.
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