IBIA launches a campaign to educate athletes on the dangers of corruption in sports (Video)

 The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has prepared an audiovisual campaign to educate athletes about the dangers of corruption in sports and what to do in case of risks.
The Association reminds that athletes often become victims of attacks by criminal organizations and may be tempted to earn quick money by playing badly on purpose. In this regard, IBIA wants to make sure that athletes are made aware of this problem.

In the featured campaign, IBIA highlights three key principles, the 3Rs, that every athlete should know to protect themselves and their sport from betting-related match-fixing:
- Rules
- Responsibility
- Report

Complying with the rules is the first step. Athletes are reminded that betting on their sport, team or themselves is prohibited. So is the use of privileged information and the exchange of information with third parties that is obtained by participating in a certain sport.

Regarding Responsibility, athletes should be aware that intentional underperformance violates this principle and opens the door to corruption.

Finally, the Report of Irregular Situations to law enforcement and other oversight agencies allows for investigations into corrupt parties attempting to affect a sporting competition in any illegitimate manner.

Finally, from the IBIA they reiterate: "Following more than 10 years of experience, the regulated sports betting operators continue to engage in players' education, to raise awareness of the risks of betting-related corruption."

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