Ceuta Positioned as Hub for Triangular E-Commerce to the EU

The General Directorate of Taxes of the Ministry of Finance has announced measures that position Ceuta as a strategic hub for triangular e-commerce to the European Union. The news, welcomed enthusiastically by the President of the Autonomous City, Juan Vivas, opens new opportunities for a more sustainable and job-generating economic model in Ceuta.

According to the General Directorate of Taxes, operators selling to European individuals online from Ceuta can benefit from a 50% reduction in Corporate Tax, even if the goods do not physically pass through the city. This measure applies to operations connecting buyers with sellers in the rest of Spain and Europe.

President Vivas highlights the potential of this decision for the development of triangular e-commerce, especially in the 'dropshipping' model, which involves connecting a EU customer with a supplier who directly prepares and ships the product. The elimination of additional costs and uncertainty associated with transporting goods through Ceuta reinforces the city's position as an attractive business center.

Hacienda's response to the inquiry from the department led by Kissy Chandiramani emphasizes that entities engaged in e-commerce will operate through an establishment or branch in Ceuta, equipped with the necessary material and human resources for conducting business. This will allow them to enjoy the right to apply the 50% reduction in Corporate Tax.

President Vivas sees this news as an opportunity to engage with operators and attract investments to the city. He highlights the existing tax incentives, the willingness to provide training, and the communication infrastructure, including the construction of a Data Processing Center powered by photovoltaic energy and the connection to the peninsula through fiber optics.

The measure is presented as a significant boost to diversify Ceuta's economy, expanding opportunities in the technology sector and consolidating the city's position in the field of triangular e-commerce to the European Union.
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