CLARION EVENTS presents a new security protocol: 60% capacity

Clarion, one of the main event organizers in the world, among which we highlight the London ICE GAMING, among other events, has published a strict security protocol to apply in all its events.
Clarion Events Brasil reaffirms the holding of the next Brazilian Gaming Congress between December 8 and 9 at the Hotel Tivoli Mofarrej.  Organizers have considered the government measures that will allow the resumption of events from October 12nd.
 The general conditions for holding events are:
  •  60% occupancy;
  •  Access control and number of people, observing the maximum capacity;
  • Mandatory use of masks;
  • Purchase of tickets un advance, with a limited seat and / or pre-programmed time;
  • Distance for standing audience;
  • Adoption of general and specific protocols
Specific measures for exhibitors

Body temperature check of all participants. Those with a temperature above 37.8ºC will not have access to the exhibition;

The event will have a fixed medical team on site and an ambulance for removal, during assembly, completion and disassembly. During the days of the event, an ICU ambulance will be used.

All participants (assemblers, services, exhibitors, visitors, congressmen, others) must arrive at the event with their credentials already printed and carry photo identification;

In the access lines, the participants must maintain a minimum distance of 2 m, following the orientation published on the floor;

All participants will be able to enter the event facilities, wearing a mask (mandatory use) and PPE (when mandatory);

Fair runners will have an identification of the flow direction;

The fair will have an adequate number of toilets whose use will be controlled to avoid overcrowding;

Crowds of people will not be allowed in the common space; A mobile team will be made available for inspection and orientation;

The entrance and exit areas of the exhibition will be independent, with flow control;
In the food services offered by the promoter, items packaged in individual portions and disposable materials will be used;

Food service payments, where applicable, must be made online.

The frequency of disinfection and hygiene of public areas, corridors, surfaces, interiors and panels of elevators, stair rails, service counters, restrooms, waste disposal areas and others will be increased;

The frequency of toilet cleaning and waste disposal will increase;

Decontamination points will be created at the entrance to the spaces: alcohol gel, mask and glove removal basket;

The carpets with disinfectant products to clean the soles of the shoes will be installed at the entrance and exit of the fair;

The doors will be kept open to avoid the use of handles and to allow air circulation;

The most frequent garbage disposal and the availability of specific containers for the removal of gloves and masks;

Sanitation of audio and video devices before each use, in congresses and seminars;

Monitoring, in coordination with the pavilion, of lobbies, bathrooms, air conditioning equipment, ventilation ducts, things, extractors and others;

All the communications of the organization of the event will be digital: catalog, plan, list of exhibitors, agenda of seminars and congresses and general program;

Identification in the event plan of the disinfection points, medical assistance, entrance and exit doors and others;

Implementation of visual communication with the recommendations of 2m social distance in all the venues of the event, through floor stickers;

Training of employees and contracted teams to guide participants on the measures resulting from COVID-19.

Specific measures for exhibitors

There will be no distribution of gifts and samples in the stands;

The food used in the stands must be served in individual packages and disposable materials;

Actions that can generate crowds such as art shows, cocktails, and happy hour cannot be promoted;

The use of masks and alcohol gel dispensers is mandatory inside the stands;

Exhibitors are recommended to use electronic materials, avoiding the use of printed material and business cards.

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