CBF president travels to Brasilia in search of sports betting resources for the entity

Edinaldo Rodrigues, president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), traveled to Brasilia in order to strengthen ties and obtain resources from sports betting for the entity.
According to O Globo newspaper, Edinaldo Rodrigues has had quite a hectic few weeks recently. Last Friday, September 29, he received the Minister of International Relations, Alexandre Padilha.

It is reported that during the meeting, an additional effort was requested to Alexandre to direct a portion of the resources from sports betting to the CBF. This week, Edinaldo plans to return the visit with the same objective as the previous meeting.

It is important to note that the regulation has been in force since the approval of Bill 3,626, but it is still awaiting congressional approval so as not to lose its validity. Currently, the Bill is in the Senate and today is the last day to present amendments.

This means that even today there could still be votes in favor of the amendment that includes the CBF in the sports betting resources. In addition, it is relevant to highlight the influence of the CBF president in the Government, which could result in a successful visit to Brasilia.

From the beginning, the CBF's intention was to receive 4% of gross revenues, and that the money would not be considered as public. This would avoid accountability to oversight bodies such as the CTU.

It is known that Edinaldo Rodrigues commented to people close to him that soccer needs to be contemplated with a portion of the resources from sports betting "since the vast majority of bets occur precisely in our sport," the CBF president stated to his close advisors.
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