POKERSTARS shows its newly refurbished India offices (Video and Photos)

 POKERSTARS shows off its newly renovated facilities in Hyderabad (India) and presents its magnificent spaces prepared to adapt to the needs of its users.
As reported by POKERSTARS, Hyderabad reflects the culture of the company, with elegant art and photography that convey the energy and excitement of gaming experiences.

In this regard, Soumya Prakash Basu, Workspace Manager, highlighted the process carried out to “create an inspiring workspace for our employees, especially lately. The space is a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and technology. What you see today is the result of combined efforts of many people who worked on the ground and behind the scenes."

On the other hand, Sminu Surendran, regional IT support manager (Hyderabad), said: “It has been an honor to be part of this prestigious project. Our aim was to deliver a workplace that people love working, collaborating and spending time in. A lot of hard work went into creating something that we all can enjoy, and I'm happy to have achieved that".

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