Paul Gauselmann and his wife donate a 1.4 million euro surgical robot to the Lübbecke Hospital


   Karin and Paul Gauselmann (seated) accompanied by Professor Dr. Hansjürgen Piechota, Dr. Uwe Werner, Dr. Alexander Ottenhof and Dr. Christine Fuchs

Paul Gauselmann and his wife, Karin Gauselmann, have made the important donation of a “Da Vinci X” surgical robot for the Interdisciplinary Center for Robot-Assisted Surgery (IZR OWL) in the Mühlenkreiskliniken of the Lübbecke Hospital, which will allow very precise operations with greater safety for patients.
 Referring to this important donation, Dr. Olaf Bornemeier, President of Mühlenkreiskliniken, thanked Karin and Paul Gauselmann for their generosity, and the doctors responsible for promoting the project. Likewise, he has highlighted that there are only 150 of these surgical robots in clinics and hospitals in Germany, so “Da Vinci X” positions them on the path of actively participating in important changes for the benefit of patients.

On the other hand, Paul Gauselmann, founder and CEO of the Gauselmann Group, has emphasized that for him and his wife it is a priority to "promote new medical opportunities in Mühlenkreis in Lübbecke and at the same time help people in need in the most modern way" .

It should be noted that the first successful procedures with the "Da Vinci X" have already been carried out, which implies compliance with a rigorous training program with at least 100 hours in the simulator and several tests.

Professor Dr. Hansjürgen Piechota, Director of the Urology, Pediatric Urology and Uro-Oncology Clinics of the Minden University Clinic and Lübbecke Hospital, has highlighted that “The maneuverability of the instruments, the precision and the fantastic view through the 3D camera, as well as the magnification, help the surgeon enormously ”, however he emphasizes that the device does nothing by itself, so each procedure is based on a medical decision.
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