We are pleased to announce the call for the Fourth Edition of the INFOPLAY RESPONSIBLE GAMING AWARDS that return after the hiatus of the pandemic to recognize the effort in CSR and Responsible Gaming that the gaming industry has shown in recent times.
The new Edition, which will have a marked INTERNATIONAL character, and its awards ceremony will highlight the Responsible gaming and CSR policies that maintain the sustainability of the sector, its workers and the care and well-being of its end customers.

This new edition will have a REMARKABLE JURY. Notable institutions and personalities from the academic, journalistic, business, regulatory and security forces will make up a JURY of great international excellence, unprecedented in the global industry, independent and rigorous that will study the candidatures that we will receive from all of you and the proposals that you have to make us.

The deliberative meeting of the Jury will be held next January, although we have already confirmed all the members.

The meeting will take place on a date in the aforementioned month of January, which will be announced shortly. As always, the minutes and photos of the meeting will be published.

The INFOPLAY Awards for Responsible Gaming are committed to empowering the sector, empowering its present and building its future based on excellence, innovation and dedication to responsible gaming.

The winners will once again be national and international references and with a true and accredited reputation that will remain in the annals of the history of the industry.

In this FOURTH EDITION, the following categories have been established to cover the great work of the sector in corporate social responsibility and responsible gaming both nationally and internationally:
  • Award to the entity or institution most committed to Responsible Gaming
  • Award for the most outstanding businessman / manager in Responsible Gaming
  • Award for the most outstanding businesswoman / manager in Responsible Gaming
  • Award for the Company most committed to Responsible Gaming
  • Awards for the Association most committed to Responsible Gaming
  • Award for the Company most committed to people with disabilities
  • Innovation Award for Responsible Gaming
  • Award for the most outstanding company in the promotion of culture
  • Award for the Company most committed to sustainability
  • Award for Training in Responsible Gaming
  • Responsible Gaming Ambassador Award

With all this we create AWARDS that represent a true prestige for all those involved for their rigorous desire and for providing excellence, quality and value.

From this moment on, you can send us your applications through the usual channels and by mail:

In future news we will inform you of the members of the excellent JURY of this Fourth Edition.


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