Paf to offer trotting betting in Åland

 Paf announces that it will offer trotting betting in Åland through a completely new approach in the future. In this regard, it has signed new agreements with both ATG and the service provider Betmakers. Betmakers is one of the world’s largest suppliers of betting on horses and the collaboration with Swedish ATG has been re-written and updated.
Paf explained in a press release that for players, all trotting races that were previously available will remain and even ATG’s well known logo will still be visible with the agents. But the new system for trotting betting means that the coupons, betting receipts and the share bets system will change.

It is important to note that Paf will continue as ATG's international agent in Åland. Bets will be placed using the Betmaker gaming system and terminals.

In this regard, Jannik Swanstrom, Head of New Sales, highlights that “this will be a completely new approach for Paf’s part, which means that our Åland agents can continue to offer ATG’s range of trotting betting to all customers on Åland”. Likewise, he thanks all the gaming clients and agents.

For her part, Sari Venho, Key Account Manager, states that the work has been intense, but they feel satisfied and happy to have everything in place. She also indicates that it will be the same but different. In other words, she says that "there will be some new features to learn for customers, but it will also be a simplification when the number of coupons decreases and higher earnings can be redeemed at the Paf office in the future, which was not possible before.".

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