New York Responsible Gaming Association Launches Campaign on Dangers of Giving Lottery Tickets to Minors

 The New York State Gaming Commission together with the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) and the New York Council on Problem Gambling (the Council) who collectively comprise New York's Responsible Play Partnership, have presented an interesting campaign that warns about the dangers of giving away lottery tickets to minors.
 When referring to this campaign, the Director of the Lottery, Gweneth Dean, defines it as "a good opportunity for us to educate players, retailers, marketers, and gift givers, about the importance of discouraging underage lottery play in light of industry research illustrating underaged gamblers have a greater likelihood to develop gambling problems later in life ”.

Under the title “Responsibility is Always A Bright Idea,” urges adults to “Never gift Lottery tickets to kids” and enlists the public’s help to “Let’s all do our part to make sure kids have a vibrant future.”

OASAS Executive Deputy Commissioner, Sean Byrne, said: “OASAS is proud to join members of NY’s Responsible Play Partnership in this public awareness campaign to ensure that young people under 18 years of age do not engage in Lottery playing or any other gambling activities. Delaying the onset of gambling can help prevent future problem gambling. "

Council Executive Director Jim Maney shared that "for kids, who are at higher risk of developing a problem, Lottery Play isn't harmless or appropriate. We hope people will hear the message this year and take individual responsibility to prevent underage gambling problems. "

The campaign, inspired by the National Council on Problem Gambling's annual “Gift Responsibly” advocacy initiative, is designed to be an evergreen reminder that while Lottery games may be a fun gift for a birthday, anniversary, or other adult celebration at any time of year , they are never appropriate gifts for anyone under the age of 18.
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