Guests from many countries and continents visited SYNOT DAY

Synot Day is a social business event organized by the SYNOT group for its business partners, where it presents its latest products
SYNOT DAY is a social business event organized almost every year by the SYNOT group for its business partners. This year, the event took place at the headquarters of the SYNOT group in the Czech Republic, as well as at the unique premises of cellar labyrinth Sklepy Maratice in Uherske Hradiste. 

Up to 250 guests form approximately twenty countries and three continents arrived in "Slovacko region". 

"SYNOT DAY is primarily a business event. Therefore, the event included a presentation of our latest products. In total, more than 30 pieces of equipment were showcased. There was also an online section where online games from SYNOT Games were presented, as well as an online casino platform from SYNOT Interactive. I am pleased to note that at this year's SYNOT DAY we presented the largest portfolio of our products for land-based and online markets by now", said Miroslav Valenta Jr., Sales Director of the SYNOT Group. 

Among presented products were, for example, link system the Magic Ball Link in the set of Eclipse FL-32 cabinets with the latest Firebird Purple gaming compendium, then the newly prepared IVT gaming compendium SUPER LINK Premium 1 which includes linked games. The compendium was presented in the UP1- 24 cabinets. The UP2-32 cabinet, which is an absolute novelty in the new generation of SYNOT brand cabinets was showcased as well. The set of these cabinets was presented with the latest gaming compendiums Firebird Red, Firebird Blue and Explosive Games Premium+. 

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