The Federation of Rehabilitated Gambling Players (FEJAR) has issued a statement regarding the Christmas Lottery 2023, expressing concern about the potential negative impact this event may have on individuals with gambling problems and pathological gambling.
FEJAR emphasizes the need for stricter access control for all types of bets, including the purchase of lottery tickets or ONCE coupons. Currently, registration in the General Registry of Access Bans to Gambling (RGIAJ) prohibits access to online games and bets but does not prevent participation in in-person lottery draws.

The issue worsens when the acquired numbers turn out to be winners, as those registered in the database cannot claim the prizes. In January, there were 72,696 people registered in the database, a significant increase from the previous year.

Juan Lamas, president of FEJAR, underscores the need to establish more rigorous access control and suggests implementing preventive intervention by informing the public about the negative consequences of gambling.

In this Christmas season, FEJAR observes an increase in calls received, highlighting greater vulnerability and the need to strengthen abstinence in patients affected by gambling addiction.

Associations of rehabilitated players emphasize the importance of prevention and education, urging institutions to take measures to counteract the negative influence of lottery advertising during the holiday season.

The Christmas Lottery, representing 32.8% of the revenues of the State Lotteries and Betting, becomes an additional challenge for those struggling with gambling addiction, and FEJAR advocates for increased awareness and regulation to protect the vulnerable population.
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