FBMDS, Planet Invest, and EverPlay Revolutionize the iGaming World with Ronaldinho Gaúcho

FBMDS has teamed up with Planet Invest and EverPlay in an alliance set to transform the iGaming landscape. This strategic collaboration, featuring the involvement of iconic Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho Gaúcho, sets new standards of innovation and excellence in creating online gaming experiences for Latin American markets, with a special focus on Brazil.
The union of FBMDS, Planet Invest, and EverPlay aims to elevate the quality of the global iGaming offering. Ronaldinho Gaúcho's active participation demonstrates the shared commitment of the three organizations to deliver exceptional gaming experiences in the world of online casinos, with a series of major releases set to be unveiled soon. Ronaldinho's contribution to the new games is expected to be groundbreaking, introducing innovations specifically designed for Brazilian iGaming enthusiasts.

By Brazilians, For Brazilians, with Innovation Driven by DNA

With a focus on meeting the needs of Brazilian players, FBMDS brings deep knowledge of the local market. According to Renato Almeida, Director of FBMDS, "Our Brazilian DNA guides the creation of online casino games that will resonate with local players. This partnership demonstrates our dedication to delivering games that directly appeal to the hearts of Brazilians."

"Ronaldinho Gaúcho's involvement reinforces our commitment to innovation and high-quality localized entertainment. We are focusing our efforts on exceeding the expectations of operators and players, and creating a suite of games that can make a strong impact in the Brazilian and Latin American markets," adds Almeida.

In this collaboration between FBMDS, Planet Invest, and EverPlay, the three companies aim to enhance the offering of online casino games and strengthen the connection with players in Latin America and Brazil through immersive and personalized gaming experiences spanning different game types.

A Shared Vision to Raise iGaming Standards

According to Ricardo Namen, Director of EverPlay, "This partnership between FBMDS, Planet Invest, and EverPlay goes beyond a simple strategic alliance. It reflects a shared vision of innovation and a commitment to the future of digital entertainment. Together, we are shaping the next generation of online casino games."

Nilton Leão, Director of Planet Invest, highlights the group's ambition: "Our goal is to amplify the engagement that Ronaldinho Gaúcho brings to his fans. He is a sensation who embodies joy and entertainment. Through this partnership, we are leveraging his unique appeal to deliver unparalleled fun and excitement, enhancing the way fans experience iGaming."

By leveraging the strengths of each partner, this collaboration aims to make a global impact, maximizing the launch of various online casino products in international markets. It also aims to transform the iGaming industry with innovative proposals and strengthen ties with communities of passionate players, ensuring that each launch is eagerly anticipated and celebrated.
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