Employment in Ceuta continues to move: New job offers in the online gaming sector

Companies in the online gaming sector continue to land in Ceuta, largely motivated by the extensive tax advantages promoted by the city government, the excellent communications both nationally and internationally, with direct connection to Malaga airport (one of the most important international communications hubs in Spain) as well as the warmth of its people and the adequate standard of living in the city.
 At the moment, the companies that come to Ceuta carry out their selection processes directly or through specialized intermediaries such as Nettilus, which is currently looking for profiles for marketing and operations middle managers.

Employment opportunities are multiplying exponentially for candidates who speak English, since international companies, especially those relocated from Gibraltar and Malta, use that language as a regular vehicle of communication.

Important companies are looking to add new human talent in the following areas (experience in the gaming sector and English language needed):  

1. PM Marketing manager.
2. CRM Associate Manager (in charge of segmentation and management of communication with clients, VIP management, etc).
3. CRM Associate Specialist.
4. Ops Associate Specialist. (Documentary verification, fraud, etc.).

To sign up for these offers, send a CV to the following email:

Additionally, the Ceutí Government hopes to turn the city into a "first level technological center" to alleviate and compensate for the loss of cross-border trade with Morocco, which meant between 20% and 25% of its GDP. The proposed building would be an infrastructure similar to the World Trade Center in Gibraltar or Torre Sevilla. This building, with more than 3,000 square meters of offices with common security and logistics elements, will be an additional element for the establishment of new companies in the city.

In relation to the situation caused by the pandemic and employment, in the words of Pedro López, founder of Nettilus: "It has caused certain processes to be delayed, but also to value the flexibility of companies that have known how to adapt to the new situation with their workers, and that they have turned this terribly anomalous situation into a competitive advantage in their relationship with their staff”.
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