The European Lottery Association publishes its 2021 report highlighting its multiple CSR

 The European Lottery Association (EL, European Lotteries) has published a report in which it makes a detailed analysis of what happened in 2021 and its multiple corporate social responsibility actions.
EL has highlighted in a press release that the lottery community is characterized by being flexible and agile, to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and to stand together, to help each other, and to work creatively and differently in unique circumstances. In this sense, Lockdowns had differentiating effects on game verticals, and yet national lotteries continued providing regulated services to their players.

Also, along these lines, the association did not want to overlook Russia's invasion of Ukraine, because despite having taken place in 2022, the association values the solidarity of national lotteries in such difficult times. Indeed, national lotteries have been involved in various ways, from providing medical supplies to housing for Ukrainian refugees in this crisis.

During 2021 the European Lottery Association emphasized reconnecting in new and innovative ways more often and in a closer way than ever. A wide range of online events brought them together, from smaller expert workshops and Working Group meetings to new e-learning modules, the EL virtual Corporate University and webinars reaching audiences in Europe and worldwide.

Likewise, With the aim to improve the services to its members, create added value to their Membership and of course eventually meet again in person, the overarching theme of ‘‘Reconnect’’ was unveiled as the new 2021-2023 Executive Committee workplan.

EL held a unique digital General Assembly and elected a new Executive Committee and re-elected the EL President. Player protection remained of utmost importance to national lotteries, and EL Members adopted mandatory Responsible Gaming Certification for all Members and an EL Resolution on CSR.

He found innovative ways to provide an even better service-oriented approach. The MyEL environment introduced an easy to access and understandable overview of the relevant EU dossiers as well as a new library of Europe-wide studies on the gambling sector and markets.

Another of the important activities carried out in 2021 was advocating for the sustainable lottery model. EL remained vigilant and continued creative ways to reach EU policy makers on the hot topics in 2021 including the Digital Services Act, Artificial Intelligence and Anti-money laundering. EL debated the DSA in a dedicated webinar, bringing together EL’s experts on EU policy dossiers and a broad audience.

In 2021 EL continued to monitor important legal issues from gambling advertising to taxation and Members remained committed to providing continuous care to channeling the gambling desire of the population towards and regulated and responsible offer of gambling products.

Finally, we must point out that it announced its collaboration with IP protection company White Bullet to help fight ad-funded piracy.

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