MERKUR GAMING reviews ICE London 2023

 Merkur regards ICE as absolutely its 'home event' and so went all out to present its brand in its traditional spectacular style.
 On what was the largest exhibitor booth in London ExCel's north halls the laughing Merkur Sun shone proudly on top of a huge display that had been subtly redesigned in order to give improved access to visitors while also presenting the many subsidiary teams and the range of gaming omni solutions that they represented. 

The 40.000 visitors at ExCel broke all previous records by a substantial margin and taking into account those visitors that attended the show on more than one day added up to a total of 79.000 unique visitations. 2023's exhibitor numbers were also record breaking, 560 in all, representing more than 80 countries and filling all 41 halls of Excel to capacity. 

Merkur's omni channel presentation brought great expectations to its return to ICE and had gone to enormous lengths in having all of the brand's newest innovations, in cabinets, game titles, multigames, Mystery and Linked Progressive Jackpots plus the theatre configuration Merkur Roulette and was proud to note a hugely successful ICE on all levels. 

Athanasios "Sakis" Isaakidis, Merkur Gaming Chief Executive, International noting that all three show days had been superbly attended and that the entire Merkur team had been extremely busy in terms of customer visits and enquiries, across all three show days.

Merkur's ICE headline display covered both the International and German domestic markets by featuring the latest Linked Progressive Jackpot attractions Link Zone 2 now with enhanced software and a brand new range of four game titles, The legend of Fulu Chen, China Charms, Solar Link and the all new Five. Also new is the futuristic styled Zonic cabinet that has its own Zone on the ICE booth, featuring the Red Pocket Jackpot and the arcade gaming hit title, Merkur Mystery Jackpot.

Merkur eSolutions presented its eSolutions terminal that allows customers, and their customers, rapid and seamless access to value-added online services. The company's paylado e-wallet attracted great interest at the show, presenting what is described as the 'easiest way to turn cash into e-money'. 

"ICE was a truly excellent show, on all levels. We were all, exhibitors, customers, business partners and guests, able to celebrate one of the international gaming industry's premier events. It was hard work, for everyone, but the sense of satisfaction that was so widely apparent by the end of the show. I want to thank the entire Merkur team for the work that they delivered during ICE. We all did our job, the customers played their vital part and the overall result was simply outstanding. Taking everything into account I think we can all agree that 2023 was the best ICE...ever: Many Happy Returns, indeed!", says Sakis Isaakidis. 

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