Novomatic Italia expands its presence with the establishment of the new Admiral Gaming Network

Novomatic Italia proudly announces the merger between the Group's concessionaires, Admiral Gaming Network (AGN), and HBG Connex, longstanding operators in the Italian gaming market. Combining two leaderships, they now form one of the largest concessionaire companies in the national landscape.
Following the acquisition of HBG Gaming Group companies at the end of 2022, Novomatic takes new steps to consolidate and increase its presence in the Italian market through the strengthening of the company holding the network concession for AWP and VLT. Markus Buechele, CEO of Novomatic Italia, emphasizes the crucial role of the network concessionaire in offering safe and legal entertainment, stating that they will work to make Admiral Gaming Network increasingly strong in terms of services, reliability, and technology.

The new Admiral Gaming Network boasts over a decade of know-how and manages a network of 41,000 AWP rights and over 8,000 VLT installation rights. This operation consolidates the presence of the Novomatic Italia Group as one of the leading players in the Italian concessionary system.

In addition to AGN, the Group owns several other concessionaire companies, including a 2% stake in Lottoitalia srl, the company holding the concession for Lotto game collection in Italy. The Board of Directors of AGN is composed of representatives from Novomatic Italia and Antonio Porsia as Chairman.

The merger of the two concessionaires creates a single large entity with a renewed brand identity, maintaining strong roots in the Admiral brand. The new corporate website is online, and communication related to responsible gaming activities will be renewed to meet the high requirements set by the G4 Certification (Global Gambling Guidance Group).
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