NOVOVISION™ Tournament – Managing Live Table Tournaments Fast & Easy

The management of Poker or other live table tournaments is now as simple and easy as can be: The new NOVOVISION™ tournament module enables the operator to plan, organize and manage their own tournaments and even leagues, with full administrative control of all parameters and events at the tables.
Live table tournament management has never been so easy. NOVOVISION™ tournament is the latest addition to the extensive suite of gaming management applications comprised in NOVOMATIC’s visionary NOVOVISION™ casino management solution.

The functionalities include detailed settings for game types, chips, rounds, buy-ins and a dynamic prize calculation as well as sophisticated table and player management, significantly reducing the administrative effort and making the organization of live table tournaments basically child's play. The application also enables operators to manage the tournament display content as well as messaging and sound notifications for an unlimited number of screens across their venue.

Via this intuitive system app, operators can monitor and control all tournament details live and in real-time. Timers indicate the current duration or time left to start specific events while other actions during the ongoing tournament, such as reseating, removing, adding players or manually shortening the tournament by skipping individual rounds, just require a few clicks in the system. All tournament events are tracked in real-time and instantly displayed in the “history” tab.

NOVOVISION™ tournament supports a variety of card games, such as Poker variants, Blackjack, Baccarat/Punto Banco, and is fully integrated with the NOVOVISION™ cashdesk for tournament registration as well as the players’ buy-ins & prize wins directly via their NOVOVISION™ wallet.

Jens Einhaus, Sales Director NBS, is delighted with the excellent functionalities and usability of the new module: “Poker tournaments are hugely popular casino events, but anyone who has ever run one knows how much effort and attention to detail goes into organizing it smoothly. The atmosphere on the floor is tense enough and there is no room for delays and mishaps. With our new NOVOVISION™ tournament module, operators can fully rely on the system to guide them through all the tournament events and settings. I am absolutely convinced that operators will love the ease of use and players will enjoy the smooth operation and clear real-time display of information.”

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