ALEXANDER MARTIN (CEO of SKS365) participates in panel ITALIA 2021
"Omnichannel and gaming as responsible entertainment are the keys to long-term success in the Italian market"

 Recently, the ITALY 2021 virtual summit was held and was entitled RECOVERY, WITHDRAWAL OR REBOOT? at SBC Digital Italy, an event that brought together 750 leaders of the Italian gaming industry who addressed topics of maximum interest such as: advertising ban, new tax on turnover and confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
In this regard, Alexander Martin, executive director of SKS365, has referred to the economic damages for the industry and says that the increase of more than 40% of the online channel was not large enough to compensate for the losses caused by the closing of houses government-imposed betting.

Martin referred to the new 0.5 percent turnover tax for gambling that arises to support sports organizations that suffer losses during the pandemic.

In this regard, he asserts that this decision “worsened the situation in the sector, because at the same time many other industries were benefiting, albeit with difficulty, of state aid. The consequence is a relevant loss in terms of revenues, not only for the gaming companies but also per the Taxman, as the fiscal losses exceeded 4 bln euros last year ”.

Despite the good performance of online gambling, Martin hopes that soon “our customers will be allowed to play again in the stores, which have been closed for more than 8 months, although the operators - both dealers and store owners - have committed to safely reopen the game. points of sale". Likewise, he hopes to open a dialogue with the government, so that together with the industry it is possible to draw a new and sustainable business model.

The fight against illegality is another crucial issue addressed by the CEO of SKS365: “A key of responsible gaming is to educate consumers to play exclusively with authorized operators. It is the only way to achieve players' protection and be compliant with the rules. From this point of view, communication has a key role, as the advertising ban stopped the communication flow to the consumers ”.

According to Martin, the answer to this problem is only one: a culture of gaming that brings back the business to the pure entertainment and fun aspect. “In SKS365 we have just renewed our brand identity,
developing a new slogan - ‘SPORT. LIVE. PLAY .’- based on the concepts of passion, innovation, reliability and responsible entertainment ”.