Gauselmann Group donates structures to accommodate refugees from Ukraine


   Jürgen Stühmeyer (Sales Director of Merkur) and Henning Vieker (Mayor of Espelkamp)

Since February, more than 500 people have arrived in Espelkamp in search of refuge after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. In this context, the Gauselmann Group has now made an important contribution and has donated eight individual residential containers to the city.
The Gauselmann Group has explained that the containers have been used as additional office space but will not be needed once the new building on Merkur-Allee has been completed. Therefore, they can serve as new accommodation for refugees.

“Every day people have to leave behind almost everything that is important to them. If we can help them find a place to stay in their new home and thus make it easier for them to start a new life, we will be happy to do so," explains Jürgen Stühmeyer, Sales Director at Merkur.

The containers provide a living space of approximately 145 square meters. The facility has four rooms of 25 square meters each, a wide corridor, a toilet, a storage room, and a technical room. The interior walls are simply papered over, lighting and heating are available, as well as sufficient internet connections and sockets.

“We are very pleased that the Gauselmann Group has provided us with these accommodation options, because containers are currently hard to come by on the open market,” emphasizes the mayor of Espelkamp, Dr. Henning Vieker.
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