Asensi Abogados Stands Out in the New Edition of Chambers and Partners TMT 2024 for its Contribution on Technological Developments in Spain

Marina Villalonga, an attorney at the prestigious law firm Asensi Abogados, presents the latest advancements in the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and digital markets in the Spain-focused edition of Chambers and Partners TMT 2024, analyzing their impact in light of the most recent regulations.
Chambers and Partners TMT 2024 highlights the review of recent technological advancements conducted by attorney Marina Villalonga in the edition dedicated to Spain. Villalonga, who is part of the renowned law firm Asensi Abogados, examines the Spanish technological landscape, focusing on the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and digital markets, contextualizing these developments within the most recent regulatory framework.

In her introduction, Villalonga emphasizes Spain's commitment to developing new technologies and improving the quality of telecommunications. She highlights the country's focus on implementing artificial intelligence in both the private sector and public administration, as well as the inauguration of the MareNostrum 5 supercomputer in Barcelona, considered one of the most powerful in the world and the greenest in Europe.

The MareNostrum 5, powered entirely by sustainable energy, will be used for medical research and AI development, offering its capabilities to European startups in the field.

Additionally, the widespread deployment of 5G technology in Spain is mentioned, as well as the exponential growth of data centers in the country, with companies like Amazon and Google locating or planning to locate their facilities in Spanish territory.

On the other hand, the institutional digitalization process in Spain is highlighted, with initiatives such as the notarial electronic protocol and the Royal Decree-Law 6/2023 to regulate digitalization of justice.

Villalonga's article also analyzes two current examples of national regulation concerning age verification on adult content websites and crypto asset advertising, addressing their practical application and relevance in the legal landscape.

Marina Villalonga's contribution in Chambers and Partners TMT 2024, as part of the Asensi Abogados team, offers a comprehensive view of technological developments in Spain, highlighting the country's commitment to innovation and adaptation to regulatory changes. Villalonga's review provides valuable insights into the current state and future prospects of technology in Spain, offering a useful guide for businesses and professionals in the sector. SEE THE FOLLOWING LINK
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