Interview with Kissy Chandiramani: "It's the ideal time to invest in Ceuta"

After her participation in the lecture "Ceuta, a place to establish technological projects" during the SBC Summit 2023 held in Barcelona, we were able to speak privately with Kissy Chandiramani, who kindly answered several questions we posed.
 After concluding a convincing conference filled with data, accompanied by Manuel Gómez (Avangreen), Gustavo Molina (Entain), Santiago Asensi (Asensi Abogados), and Felipe Masa (Ernst & Young Spain); the Minister of Finance, Economic Transition, and Digital Transformation of Ceuta, Kissy Chandiramani, kindly answered some final questions from InfoPlay.

With the insights provided in the lecture and after this closer conversation, Kissy Chandiramani detailed all the lessons from Ceuta's success story in attracting and nurturing the over 60 companies related to the sector that have settled in the autonomous city in recent years.

With a firm intention to review the past and update the current priorities, Chandiramani clarified how her Administration seeks to "expand horizons" and why "we are at the ideal time" to complete this story of overcoming challenges by the people of Ceuta and the impressive business development achieved.

Demonstrated ability to create an optimal Ecosystem

The first question to Kissy Chandiramani was related to the idea that both she and Manuel Gómez (Avangreen) pointed out in the conference: transferring what was achieved with the gaming sector in Ceuta to other industries in the field of technology and digital services.

Regarding this, the Minister stated that "as far as we have done well with the gaming sector, we now see it possible to talk to other sectors and expand business and startup development in the City. For this, we are sensible and know that we must continue working also in everything related to the university, which has key importance in training and in the ability to create talent."

Wanting to know more about this commitment to human capital, we asked Kissy Chandiaramani to explain how the establishment of operating companies such as Sportium, 888-William Hill, or Entain has been. "Both operators and other service or development companies came without knowing 100% what they would find, what labor market they would find, what level of commitment from the Administration... and whether they would have support in Ceuta to achieve their goals. And the sector has seen that indeed things have worked."

"We have created an ecosystem that invites growth and continued commitment to the city. In that sense, at conferences like this and in day-to-day life in Ceuta, I see that just as Ceuta believes in the sector, the confidence of companies in Ceuta is also very high. But also from the workers. We are seeing how companies already integrated into the reality of Ceuta continue to grow in terms of the number of employees and also qualitatively, with more and more specialized positions and greater talent coming or being trained in our territory."

"The Ideal Time"

After citing more than 60 companies related to the sector (operators, technology providers, services, consulting, media...), we wanted to know what the limit is and what the objectives are for the course of this legislature that has just begun: "Everything starts as a seed, which must be cared for and pampered. We have done it with enthusiasm and great effort. But our limit is still very high, and we are eager to continue. We love to see how the already established companies grow, but we are currently at the ideal time to welcome many others."

"Technology companies can take advantage of European funds, which are added to many other national and regional incentives. Therefore, in the coming years, we cannot miss the train. The arrival of these companies has generated confidence and enthusiasm in the local population about the economic future of Ceuta, and we have all proven ourselves capable of turning the City into a technological hub."

First Steps in the New Legislature

As she herself confirmed, the new Government of the Autonomous City of Ceuta has not waited until September to start its work in continuing to promote the new digital world that opens up in Ceuta, although it is the first major participation of Kissy Chandiramani as the new head of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Transition, and Digital Transformation in the gaming sector. Just a week later, we also saw the Minister and part of her team at the Ceuta Open Future event.

In fact, it's clear that after adding to her competencies in Finance, those of Economic Transition and Digital Transformation, Kissy Chandiramani will continue "taking care of and supporting the arrival of gaming operators" while her team promotes the development of significant technological activities in the city.

Regarding the importance of the arrival of these new companies and how an atmosphere of prosperity has been created in the city, we also got firsthand information at the Ceuta booth at SCB Summit Barcelona thanks to César, who kindly explained to us in more detail about the many tourist attractions of Ceuta, such as the climate, its geographical surroundings, and being known as the City of the Four Cultures, also expressed in four religions: "In these coming years, we want to continue welcoming visitors and enjoy seeing how these companies have generated trust and hope in the local population about Ceuta's economic future."
  • For more information about Councilwoman Kissy Chandiramani and the rest of the speakers at the Conference on Ceuta held at SBC Summit Barcelona last Wednesday, September 20th, we have our SPECIAL report on the event.
  • Cover Photograph: Ceuta´s Councilwoman Kissy Chandiramani and the General Director of Taxes, Emilio Fernández.
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