“A Drop of Hope”: FBM Foundation embodies the power of giving with a blood donation initiative in Pasig City

The act of donating blood is a selfless, life-saving gesture that can significantly impact the lives of those in need. FBM Foundation held the "A Drop of Hope" solidarity action, on June 8th, at One Corporate Centre Building, Pasig City. This initiative aimed to celebrate World Blood Donor Day celebrated globally on June 14th, and to inspire individuals to contribute to this vital cause.
The timing of FBM Foundation's Blood Drive is significant, as it aligns with World Blood Donor Day celebrations on June 14th. This global campaign completes 20 years of blood giving, acknowledging the contributions of voluntary blood donors. Given the crescent rise of blood donation needs in the region, the FBM Foundation promptly responded with a thoughtful activity on the field.

The action had an enthusiastic response, with 50 volunteers signing up to donate blood, and 46 successfully qualifying. The volunteer’s participation in such a vital cause made a tangible impact, showcasing the power of unity and compassion in creating a healthier and more resilient society.

“FBM Foundation's initiative ‘A Drop of Hope’ is vital to public health and community solidarity. By aligning with World Blood Donor Day efforts and supporting the themes of life-saving and blood donation, our organization emphasizes the importance of regularly supporting each other in this vital cause”, shares Vitor Francisco, Director at FBM®.

This FBM Foundation event was also in harmony with the Red Cross’ initiatives under the themes "Be a Life Saver" and "Donate Blood and Start Saving Lives". These annual events serve as a platform to express gratitude to individuals who donate blood and raise awareness about the need for regular blood donations. The regular contributions ensure the availability of safe and quality-assured blood and blood products for patients in need. Their efforts not only help save lives but also inspire a culture of empathy and showcase the impact that giving can have on individuals and communities.

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